Picture of Jesus

Story Behind The Picture

In mid-October 1982, I was taking mostly candid shots with my Instamatic 110 camera while on pilgrimage in the Holy Land.  When my one roll of film was developed, this beautiful image of Jesus was there for all to see.

I told my husband I felt there had been a mix-up.  I couldn’t remember seeing the picture, let alone having taken it.  I found this confusing, for right there in the middle of my negatives was the negative of this beautiful and inspiring picture of Jesus.  I felt I must have had a lapse of memory, for how could I forget taking a picture of such beauty?  That’s when I took it to the priest who had been our guide in the Holy Land.  He, too, in all his many trips there, had never seen this picture of Jesus.

Then my travel agents took the picture with them to New York, to people who study paintings and frescoes from all over the world.  According to them, too, this picture is not to be found in the Holy Land.  That’s when I knew I had to retrace my own steps in the Holy Land.  Three times I did this, but I never found this picture nor anyone who had ever seen it.

From the very beginning, both my husband and I saw the beauty of this picture.  Being already in ministry as secular Franciscans, we had prints made and gave them away.  Our friends were captivated by it when we had it framed for our house.  Everyone wanted it.  However, at that time, we had never shared the story behind the picture.

We wanted only to bring Jesus Christ to the people through this picture.  We felt it was not important who took the picture or how it came to be.  But what is important is the Face of Christ and the peace that goes with it, whether people know the story or not, for this image of Jesus is truly a portrait of Everlasting Love.

Yours in Christ,

Jackie Haas